About Us

Our idea at the start was simple, build a brand on something that we were passionate about and see if others were interested as well.Cut Creators began as a personal endeavor to bring the nations barbers’ talent & flair for style to the forefront and with natural progression,we decided to offer the most useful, high quality, one of a kind barber supplies into our mission as well. We are the product of an extraordinary combination of custom style,distinctively innovative thinking and punctilious research to make sure we’re bringing you the fliest gear, newest tools and most unique barber accessories available at the best prices possible! We understand that being a barber is not a JOB..ITS A SKILL and we’d like for our ladies (we DO have a soft spot in our heart for lady barbers) and gentleman alike to know that the Cut Creator family brings products to their site for those who take pride in their craft and understand that what we do is SO much more than a service… Its an ever evolving craft that involves ardor! Simply put, we make the BEST, look BETTER! We enthrall the exclusivist and barbers alike. You know why our “so called’ competitors customers are choosing US?! Because they recognize that it’s not about the biggest option, it’s about the “boutique” option. It’s not about being the first to offer fractional products, but the first to transform the fractional industry with innovate new products! It’s not about the MOST customers,but the most FOCUS ON customers! Join the leader and discover why we’re where YOU belong! We’re always interested in getting better acquainted with our fellow barbers and picking their brains for ideas that could make us better, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our CONTACT US page. Thank You for showing interest in theCutCreators.com and we look forward to working with you!

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