Welcome to The Cut Creators and the new genesis of the way barbers perceive thier culture! We are the brainchild of veteran barbers & shop owners who's only true focus is to help barbers look, feel, do & be better, by promoting positivity, efficiency, professionalism and education into the dynamics of their barber world. This is the kind of platform that many in our field have been waiting for, so we've been compelled to create a unique mixture of forum, showcase and supply that can provide ALL of your barber needs from tools, to information, to exposure & last but definitely not least: Fly ONE stop! We as barbers are in the business of making clients look good, but we offer the opportunity to help the BARBER not only LOOK good but, also showcase their skillset, learn about & purchase the latest tools in our field and network with other barbers from around the WORLD! We aim to be the site that represents the upper echelon of the barber world, those who carry the pride & tradition of yesteryear inside them...which we hope is YOU! -The Cut Creators

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